libraries as cognitive spaces

Interesting Projects: Story Wall

Project Name: Story Wall

Lead by: Val Skelton

Year: 2015

Purpose: To promote library collections through Digital Storytelling

  • Ensuring services and proper usage of relevant services in a library, are some of the similar challenges faced by libraries all around the globe.
  • “The State Library of South Australia, librarians and large-scale projection artists collaborated on a project to illuminate stories from their bequest collections on the exterior walls of the building.”
  • “The project is known as ‘Story wall’ and is one of the first permanent projection art installation curated by a library in Australia. The projections played on sandstone walls of the Library from sunset to midnight throughout summer.”
  • The librarians did a detailed research of the collections and pulled out stories and insights that could be given a new form to present it to the public. The artists and librarians collaborated and produced content which has deep roots in south Australia’s history.
  • Further, “the library plans to go one step ahead in breaking down the barriers in digital literacy, integrating social media and co-creating content for the Story Wall with the help of the community to co-create stories for the wall.”