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Interesting Projects: Bookyard

Project Name: Bookyard

Lead by: Massimo Bartolini

Year: 2012

Purpose: An Outdoor Library to benefit the public institutions.

  • Bookyard, an outdoor library was developed by Massimo Bartolini for the The Belgian Art Festival. A set of 12 bookcases were installed in St Peter’s Abbey Vineyard.
  • The expansive outdoor public library required the employment of creative ideas and mixed media talents by Bartolini. The bookcases were built in different dimensions to accommodate the change with the vines and trees.
  • The bookcases were painted green and “the sweeping shape of the shelves was constructed upon a small grassy field, then moved up the gradual slope of st peter’s abbey in line with their vines.”
  • The Bookyard was filled with books from the public libraries, the visitors may take home the books housed in the shelves by leaving a donation of their choosing in a box, provided by the artists and libraries.
  • Each wooden unit was built accordingly while depicting the shelves growing from the grass. The Bookyard was accessible from all sides and was filled with numerous titles.

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